What We Do

Policy & Research 

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We work with legislators, policymakers and service providers to help them understand and address the needs of LGBTI people and people with HIV. We also promote and support HIV and LGBTI health related research in Fiji and the Pacific

Safety and Inclusion 

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We help LGBTI people who have experienced homophobic violence, transphobic violence to utilize the legal redress systems in place to seek justice.

We’re here to help make the places where our community members live, work, study and play, more inclusive of LGBTI and HIV positive people. Through our support services, training programs and strategic partnerships, we work with a range of organisations and agencies to help ensure that LGBTI people and people with HIV feel included and supported.

HIV & Sexual Health 

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We’re here to help reduce HIV transmission among gay men, bisexual men, other men who have sex with men, transgender people and sex workers by providing a range of programs and services. These include peer education training and outreach, condom and lubricant distribution, basic counselling and referrals for counselling and HIV testing. In addition, RPF helps LGBTI people, and sex-workers take control of their sexual health by providing’ information, workshops, a range of support services and distributing condoms and lubricants.

Mental Health 


We help LGBTI people and people with HIV take control of their mental health by providing referrals to our mental health counselors for a range of counselling services. Our secretariat & field staffs are also trained mental health peer educators whom have provided mental health outreach and peer-led education and outreach/campaigns both offline and online.

Training(s) & Capacity Building

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We offer a range of programs and initiatives to support employers, service providers and community organisations in:

  • Promoting LGBTI inclusivity and awareness for care and support services
  • Building awareness of HIV and LGBTI communities
  • Supporting employers with LGBTI workplace inclusion through Pride in Diversity
  • SOGIE Sensitization in the workplace, communities. Sensitization Training for Health Care Workers on issues of key populations in Fiji across the Pacific.


Climate Justice Advocacy 


Our youth ambassadors are involved in grassroots, local, regional and global climate justice work. At the regional level, they are members of the Pacific Urgent Action Hub for Climate Justice.

Youth Ambassador, SOGIE Groupings & Rafikis Volunteer Programme for our Young Members 

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These include the young up-comings, Cherry papas, SOGIE groupings for Lesbians, Gay men/butch boys, Bisexual men, Bisexual women, Transgender women, transgender men/ butch girls, gender-queer, etc. We recruit members from various sectors of the community who are willing to volunteer for the organisation and are keen to be empowered through various educational opportunities offered to them by the organisation.

Income Generation for Sustainable Livelihoods

Given the high number of unemployed members, the organisation seeks and offers opportunity for income generation capacity building opportunities for our members to help sustain their livelihoods.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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The organisation shares information and-advice pertinent to disasters via its social networks and also works at the policy level and with other key disaster relief partners and agencies to provide relief and recovery efforts for members of the LGBTQI community affected by disasters.

Creative Arts Programme 

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The organisation taps on creative talents of its members to advocate for community acceptance and inclusion.

This brand of advocacy is termed by the organisation as Artivism which include music (choral/solo), drama/role plays, story-telling, dance (traditional & contemporary), spoken word & poetry, fashion design and Dragvocacy (use of drag performances to convey a message) among many others.